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SO III: Käytävän päässä


ISRC FIS371100036-FIS371100039

1. Ajan hampaissa

2. Päivien kulku

3. Isoäiti, osa 1: Täällä

4. Isoäiti, osa 2: Yötä päivää


SO III: Muuttonaurujen parvia
ISRC FIS371100029-FIS371100035


1. Myrsky

2. Näkinkenkiä

3. Kuu kävelee

4. Pienenpienet

5. Purppuraa

6. Maa jossa kukaan ei ole käynyt

7. Putosin


SO III is a trio from Finland whose music combines free improvisation with new compositions and a knowledge of traditional music. The ensembles unique instrumentation allows the music to breathe, talk and listen as the combination of five-string fiddle, voice, percussion and electronically manipulated sounds creates a web of interlocking soundscapes that alternate between rich and fragile.

Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala: Tyttörinki


ISRC FIS371100019-FIS371100028


1. Joutsen polska
2. Sipin masurkka
3. Mäkelääsen tulopeli
4. Madetojan polska
5. Polkka
6. Polskan
7. Kuuden ruplan valssi
8. Evijärveläinen jenkka
9. Lampolan polkka
10. Starc & Tyttörinki


Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala plays traditional Finnish fiddle music with a twist on two five-string fiddles. In their music, Lajunen and Oskala combine their understanding of both old and new fiddle traditions with their own ideas of the violin as both a melody-bearing and accompanying instrument. All of the tracks on the album are adapted from the tunesf old fiddlers from the Finnish archives or from music books. The name of the album, 'Tyttörinki', refers to a polska used to be played in Finnish wedding ceremonies in the past and danced only by the unmarried women. 

Pelios: Gourmet!


ISRC FIS371100007- FIS371100018


1. Systrarna
2. Vallpigan och Konungen
3. Ljusgangar
4. Elverumsvisan
5. Vals om Kvällen
6. Väntan
7. Unger Sven
8. Fyra flickor
9. Bara du
10. Tordyveln och Flugan
11. Rocken snurrar
12. Roddarvisa


Pelios was formed in 2006 and has since then been working on their music with the same love and dedication that it takes to cook a gourmet dinner. With time and  patience the music has brewed into a concoction of just the right ingredients and spices with exactly the right balance of tradition and surprise in it.

Suvi Oskala: Soolo



Suvi Oskala: Soolo

1. Sysihetki
2. Naisen laulu
3. Tuuli
4. Peijaiset
5. Uinu
6. Aava


This solo project was for years a "secret" project. The idea of producing a solo album started to seem more of a reality after a string of succesful visualised solo concerts which I produced in collaboration with other artists in recent years. Then in 2011 I received a grant from the Finnish Arts Council which allowed my dream to become reality. The album consists of music that I have written between 2004 and 2011. Each piece involves improvisation, making each performance unique.



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